“Where do I start, I was introduced to Abi by a friend of mine and I was due to go into hospital for a serious operation, I have a young family and I was very stressed, Abi worked her magic with me, and helped me feel enough confidence to change my high sugar diet to more natural healthy foods, as well as increase my water intake which was near to Zero. Abi also introduced me to pure essential oils, which I used when I was in hospital and I have to say my recovery period was much quicker than I anticipated. The best thing is that I stuck to my new eating habits and as a result of less sugar I’ve also lost weight which is a bonus, I just feel like I have so much more energy than I had before. Abi delivered more than I asked for, regarding holistic health she really knows her stuff, and it’s helped my whole family.”
Anne – Enfield 

“Abi was referred to me by a friend that had used her holistic lifestyle coaching& mentoring services, I was just setting up my own health and wellness business which was all very new to me. Abi supported me with her knowledge and understanding of where to start, and how to grow my network and increase my sales. Most of all it was the mindset support that I really needed, I was struggling with confidence levels and my goals were not very clear, with Abi’s help i was able to be more specific about what I wanted to achieve in my business and my life. Abi has such a positive outlook on life, her energy is infectious and I always came away feeling enriched and focused on my success goals. Thankyou Abi for believing in me and my capabilities.”
Suzanne  - Health and Wellness Events

“I’m a busy lady who travels the world extensively, I needed to overhaul my health and I kept putting it off, I heard Abi speak at a health event, we connected and I booked for my first online consultation and subsequently her programme, this worked well for me, as I’m always on the go. Abi helped me to plan and change my eating and drinking habits which were very poor, she even devised a healthy eating plan for me which was quite easy to follow. I’ve seen a difference in my skin, my hair and my weight, really pleased with the outcome, a highly effective accountability partner, I would definitely recommend her holistic coaching services.”
Rachel – Senior Sales Director 

“I am not from the UK, I’m from the middle east and I met Abi at a personal development event, I was concerned about my english but we got speaking which was very easy, and I sought her services 4 months later. I was going through a relationship break up, which was emotionally traumatic for me, and it affected all areas of my life, my confidence was very very low. Abi worked with me using coaching and visualisation techniques to help me develop a stronger mindset, and new ideas about my life and a more positive future, the biggest bonus was regaining self belief, in my opinion you cannot put a price on this. I am more focused on my career, and I have acheived more consistency with my own personal life goals, which has definately helped me to move on emotionally from my past relationship.”

Ayisa - Project Management Planner

“I have been suffering from anxiety and decided to try hypnosis to try and help me cope with my triggers, I was also concerned about using Hypnotherapy as it was very new to me. Abi was great at putting me at ease and dispelling any myths. After the session, I must say I am not so uptight and I had the best night sleep in a very long time. Abi’s rates are also reasonable and I’m looking forward to her next session. I would highly recommend her and have already done so.”
Rosie, Harrow

“For a long time I have found it very hard to get to sleep as I overthink everything so much, I was introduced to Abi by a friend and I had some hypnotherapy treatments, at first I was very anxious and found it hard to relax as I didn’t want to lose control and Abi was very patient and helped me to relax more and told me I was in complete control at all times, and when I did  relax it was really helpful. Now I can get to sleep quicker and I sleep much deeper at night so I don’t wake up feeling so tired anymore. Thank you so much Abi this has made a big change in my life.”
Tabea Make Up Artist, Holland

“I was pregnant with my first child, and I wanted to have a natural birth but was very very nervous about going into labour, feeling too much pain and then wanting to have a high dose of pain relief instead of gas and air. I met with Abi and she told me about Hypnotherapy and NLP, so I had these sessions leading up to my labour and it really did help me to relax much more and have a natural birth as I had planned, nothing can be better than this especially for a new Mum, so thank you so so much Abi.”
Abby, South London

 “I’ve long had a problem with my tennis.  I know I can play well but when it comes to a match I tense up and that means I play much less well than I should.  I thought I’d try hypnotherapy.  It’s too early to tell whether it’s had any lasting effect but Abi was great.  She’s very warm and makes you feel instantly relaxed.  I was fascinated by the whole process – being in a trance (which she was great at getting me into) – and yet being aware of all that’s going on around you.  Above all Abi really helped me to access that bit of me that knows I’m a winner, so I remain hopeful!  I think that for anyone with a problem that they just don’t seem to be able to overcome, hypnotherapy is definitely worth trying.  I really enjoyed my experience of it, thanks to Abi.”
Mark,  North London

“I had always done extremely well at school, particularly when it came to exams, however over the past couple of years, even though I worked very hard and always received high grades for my course work, when it came to the actual exam's I became very anxious and my results were far below my capabilities. So my Mum introduced me to Abi, and I was a bit apprehensive at first but my hypnotherapy and coaching sessions really have helped me gain back my confidence in an exam setting. I am currently sitting my A-levels and I feel so much more confident and I received good results in my mock exams, I’m very happy that I had the sessions so thank you.”
Paul Student, age 17

“My anxiety levels always go sky high when I am preparing to take an exam, this has been the same since I left school over 15 years ago, and now I'm back in adult education I didn't want to feel those anxious feelings any longer, so I was introduced to Abi and we agreed on a number of hypnotherapy sessions, and in addition I had some coaching sessions as well,  which have really helped me manage my level of anxiety...it was not what I had expected at all, it was so relaxing yet I knew exactly what was being discussed, just sat my exam and it felt so much better than the last few exams that I've had this year...I really recommend Abi and this course of therapy as it really does help with reducing feelings of anxiety.”
Karina Digital Media Specialist

“I was at home recovering from total hip replacement surgery, taking strong painkillers four times a day which made me feel drowsy and unable to do anything. I was not happy taking so many prescriptive drugs when a friend suggested hypnotherapy as a form of pain relief and recommended Abi from Soul Medicine. I wasn’t sure but had nothing to lose, so I thought I would give it a try. Due to my condition, Abi carried out home visits. I really liked her style. From the outset, she put me totally at ease and spoke in a calming and gentle manner. I felt totally comfortable throughout our session and she left me feeling positive and energised. Best of all I stopped the pain killers after the first session and have remained pain-free. The results have been amazing. I highly recommend Soul Medicine to anyone in pain and to anyone considering hypnosis or looking generally to improve the quality of their life. I am looking forward to exploring other services available at Soul Medicine.”
Jacqueline N , Solicitor from London

“I have been suffering from anxiety and decided to try hypnosis to try and help me cope with my triggers, I was also concerned about using Hypnotherapy as it was very new to me. Abi was great at putting me at ease and dispelling any myths. After the session’s, I must say I am not so uptight and I had the best night sleep in a very long time. Abi’s rates are also reasonable and I’m looking forward to her next session. I would highly recommend her and have already done so.”
Rosie, Harrow

“I had recently had a baby and lost my confidence about going back to work so I came to see Abi for a series of Lifestyle Coaching sessions. We set a number of small goals each session, and each of them helped me to challenge myself, but they weren't too overwhelming so I felt I could complete them each week, and step by step I started to regain my confidence and apply for employment again....I'm now setting up my own business which gives me more flexibility with childcare so if you need a bit of help with setting your goals and working through your fears...then I highly recommend seeing Abi for her coaching skills...thanks so much Abi.”

“With a redundancy coming and the desire to take this opportunity to a career & lifestyle change, I thought some help might be useful. I met Abi at an event and we quickly got along, finding different things in common and when she told me she was doing life coaching I knew she was the help I needed!
Holistic Life coaching sessions were very helpful to identify my goals and priorities at that moment in life. I really appreciated being able to speak my mind, to be listened to and receive external feedback and advice as well as follow up on my goals. Through the different methods used by Abi, like NLP or hypnotherapy I was able to reflect and know more about myself and my aspirations. Her knowledge of Aromatherapy is a plus if you are into alternative medicine or want to introduce it to your lifestyle.
I would recommend Abi if you need a little help or push in your life to reach higher grounds! Thank you, Abi!”

“I hadn’t really experienced Hypnotherapy before so wasn’t sure what to expect. Abi was great at putting me at ease, explaining each step and helping me relax through the process. She would ask me if it was ok to use essential oils in the diffuser, and I alway’s found them so calming and relaxing. I enjoyed all my sessions with Abi. Checking in and out at the beginning and end of his session was great. I felt that each session was tailored to suit my needs and the benefits were tremendous. 

I got an awful lot from each and all the sessions, in terms of understanding what brought me to her in the first place, Abi really helped me to unpick and start correcting my unhelpful patterns of behaviour using NLP and some coaching. I would definitely use Abi’s services again and would equally recommend her to anyone that needs it”


“I’ve just finished my holistic coaching sessions with Abi, When I met Abi I was not in a good place, physically or emotionally, and I know that I have gone through a dramatic transformation that has left me feeling so much better than I was 7 months ago. I have suffered with some health challenges and was made redundant all in the space of 8 weeks. Abi supported me through these times with her coaching, mentoring and calm style of guided meditations, my stress levels have reduced significantly and my own self worth and ability to be in control of my own life has grown so much. I’m now in the process of setting up my own small business which for me is a massive achievement. If you need a holistic coach that works with the whole you, Abi is that person”

Thankyou Akua South London