Guided Meditation MP3 - Relax, Release - Stress & Anxiety

Guided Meditation MP3 - Relax, Release - Stress & Anxiety


A powerful guided meditation by Abi Osho.

Running time 18:56

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Take just 20 minutes out of your day, to switch off the outside world and transport yourself through an enriching guided, meditation journey that will help you to release any stress or anxiety. Simply relax in a space that you find comfortable, remove any distractions and press play.

Please be sure to download and save the file to a laptop/desktop. If using an android mobile phone download and save to google play music/Samsung music. Apple download and save to iTUNES/ Spotify.

Disclaimer: These guided meditations have a relaxing effect and require focus and concentration. Do not listen whilst driving, using heavy machinery, or whilst working on any tasks similar to these. We accept no responsibility for the use of this product in any such circumstances.