The AromaTouch Technique provides a framework for individuals to appropriately utilize dōTERRA®essential oils in a safe and effective way. This technique gives you a unique experience with essential oils and helps you to maintain overall wellness.

The true beauty of this technique lies in its simplicity. Everyone can experience this powerful technique and put it to use in the lives of those they love and care for.

What Is The AromaTouch?

Different factors that we face in our daily life can have an impact on our overall well-being. When dealing with a child who needs individual care, a friend experiencing emotional and physical trauma, trying to manage stress from work, or a teenager experiencing exam anxiety, or just a relaxing body balance, the AromaTouch can help.

This technique has multiple benefits from the eight specific oils used in combination with human touch. No matter what situation comes, you can feel empowered knowing there will always be the AromaTouch Technique, to help your body relax whilst gaining all of the therapeutic benefits.

60 minutes of bliss! A gentle feather touch massage using individual plant and plant blends of Essential Oils in a specific process to de-stress, improve immune system, reduce inflammation and balance the body.

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